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Photo restoration

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Have you recently discovered a creased and old photo in the loft? Or are you hooked on updating your own family tree with images?

Winpenny Photography are experts in photo restoration. Whether torn, creased, faded or damaged by mould, we have the skills and equipment to make them right.

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Restoration experts

Did you know that restoration of your treasured memories can easily be accomplished on our computerised photographic equipment? 

Our skilled technicians can repair your old images or photographs so that they look nearly as good as the day they were taken?

Producing new prints on Fuji professional photographic paper in black and white, sepia, colour or hand tinted. 

Images can be reproduced from various film formats including paper negatives, tin plates, as well as glass and film negatives.

We can restore torn, faded photos and even colourise old black and white pictures.

Our photo restoration service is ideal for:

  • Creased photos
  • Damaged photos
  • Faded photographs
  • Torn photographs
  • Black and white
  • Colour
  • Sepia toned
  • New backgrounds
  • Picture framing
  • People or objects added or removed
  • Two or more photos merged

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