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Winpenny Photography in Otley near Leeds, Yorkshire offer a variety of photo printing services for customers. From photo printing from film, canvas enlargements to printing from older formats, we can offer you the service you need.

Whilst we still keep 35mm colour negative films in stock, for those who still prefer to shoot film or those who have discovered the retro qualities of film, we still process and print the films.

However we are also able to supply the same proper old fashioned processed prints from your digital images taken on your digital camera or Iphone etc.

To ask a question or make a booking, please call 01943 462597

Photo Printing

 The digital images can be brought in on your camera card, memory stick or portable hard drive which can be arranged to be downloaded for printing, should you need your card back immediately. Prints can be supplied in the popular sizes of 6x4 or 7x5 inches in either a glossy or lustre finish of your choice. Other sizes can also be done to your requirements. Delivery is usually within a few days dependent on workload at the time.

Hard Drive & Mobile Phone Downloads/Editing

We all nowadays love to take lots of digital still images or video footage of whatever we are doing whether it is of family events, holidays etc, but eventually your card or hard drive in your stills or video camera and phone get full. If you do not have the facilities to deal with them, we can download your images off your device and put them onto a disc or USB stick so that they are saved for further viewing or printing and you can free up spaceon your device.

We also can edit for you your video files, so that they can be watched in comfort on your TV the right way up, rather than squinting at a small screen. We can also edit the film if for example displayed upside down depending if you filmed the event with your phone the wrong way up.

Canvas Enlargements
We supply canvas printed enlargements, these can be as small as 12x8 inches through to larger sizes such as 40x30 inches including panoramic canvases. These are usually supplied on a stretcher depth of approximately 1 inch, though we also do canvases on a “gallery” stretcher as well which are approximately 2 inches in depth that can be suitable for the larger canvases. The image you supply can be on a print, black/white or colour negative, transparency (slide) or of course a digital image from your camera or phone. The image can also be printed round onto the sides of the stretcher instead of leaving the sides of the canvas white.

If you are unsure as to what size to have, we can advise you as to how large the image may be best at, taking in account the quality and size of the original image or file. We equally can do any retouching and cropping of the image as required.

Older Camera Image Formats
Whilst we are all familiar with the 35mm negative size, over the years the photographic industry has had many different sized and shapes of film and print that nowadays are obsolete and cannot be usually printed. We are able to deal with and supply prints from the various film formats including medium format, 120 roll film, 110, 126, 127 and 5x4 inch negative formats as well as the old glass plates. So when you discover those funny old fashioned films in grandparent’s attic and wonder what they are, then you can bring them in and we are able to supply you with prints from them.

Contact Us
For more information or advice ​on our photo printing services or any of our photography services do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01943 462597 or ​fill out a contact form.